The energy that animates us, the spark that enlivens us, the light of our awareness.

If Love is the ground of all being, then Life is what springs forth from that fertile matrix to create All That Is.

It’s easy to forget that we are alive.

That sounds strange, does it not? But, the very process of living can distract us from feeling and moving through the world as the vital expression of Life that we are.

In trying times of transformation such as these, we must find ways to stay resourced, to consciously commune with Source energy, with Life, and to remember that we are not separate from it, but rather emanations of it.

Some ways to do that are to rest, to eat well, to share affection with our loved ones, or to cultivate a garden. The arts are of course one of the purest ways to experience the creative magic of Life energy. And, time has proven that meditation is one of the most profound ways to commune with and welcome greater Life into our being.

I invite you to listen to this musical meditation, during which I speak Life into every heart and all the world. Let the words land with you in a perfect way, and allow yourself to feel the Life within you respond as it is seen, acknowledged, and called forth.