In light of the tragic death of George Floyd – the latest in an unfortunately long line of wrongful deaths at the hands of institutional racism – I feel the need to make a clear statement about who I am and what I stand for.

Through my groups Tingari and Sanjati and the New Thought music I write and share at the Columbus Center for Spiritual Living, I share sounds and words crafted for the purpose of healing our individual and collective wounds so that we may experience greater harmony and oneness with all Life.

I promote the equality of all humans beings. I support the Black Lives Matter movement and recognize the importance of focusing support on BIPOC to remedy the imbalance that has lived for too long in our world.

All gatherings and events I host or co-host are safe spaces where BIPOC are welcome and can receive care and resource, and experience relaxation and healing.

All gatherings and events I host or co-host are LGBTQIA-friendly and are safe spaces for members of the LGBTQIA community to come rest, relax and heal.

I believe in affordable healthcare for all, and I see meditation, music, dance and immersion in the arts as important parts of self care. I regularly offer free and low-cost products/events so that all people, no matter their economic status, have a chance to come rest, relax, and heal.

All gatherings and events I host or co-host are safe spaces for individuals and communities to build and maintain personal and collective resource and resiliency, and to experience a sense of connectivity and support.

I am committed to removing my energy and support from businesses and organizations that promote discrimination, racism, or sexism, or threaten the basic human rights of any person(s).

I am committed to eradicating systemic racism and injustice through the healing power of the arts, and through actively supporting organizations that work for social justice and racial equality.

My music is created using instruments and musical styles from all over the world. While I am American by nationality, I am a global citizen by blood, and I hope to honor and show appreciation for all people of earth with my music.

I am a woman of mixed race, with ancestors from all over the earth. At this time I am called to hold a challenging paradox and bring it to harmony within. I stand with all people who are working for social justice, equality, and harmony.

I look forward to gathering with you as soon as it is safe, and I will continue to share online resources in the interim whenever I can on my Facebook page and in the Kenmore Park Garden Club group.


Strength, Courage and Blessings to you <3