Creativity in Columbus, Ohio

Columbus is a wonderful city for Creatives. While there are many creativity and art-based events, products and services already being offered, the city itself as well as many aspects of the music and art scene are still in a growth phase. In a sense, we are all doulas, assisting in the birth [...]

The Women’s Circle – 5-18-2018

Would you like to listen in on the Women's Circle live gathering? Just click the link! This month's lively chat covered topics such as the boundary between yes and no, the trouble with many of the law of attraction/New Age teachings, and new dimensions of the heart center.

The Women’s Circle – 3-15-2018

Would you like to listen in on the Women's Circle live monthly gathering? Click the link below! We covered a range of topics, including balancing entrepreneurial life with creativity and freedom, embracing structure and wildness, and deep moments of silence as the body expressed what words cannot.

My Thoughts on Racial Harmony

Some of you may be wondering why I haven't had much to say online about race relations and the upheaval that is being brought to light at this time (yes, it has always been there, it is only now that it is being dredged up to the surface where we are all [...]

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