Columbus is a wonderful city for Creatives. While there are many creativity and art-based events, products and services already being offered, the city itself as well as many aspects of the music and art scene are still in a growth phase.

In a sense, we are all doulas, assisting in the birth of creativity in Columbus, and becoming a part of the art itself. How exciting!

Creativity in Columbus is a wonderful mix of old and new. Jazz veterans that play at Dick’s Den, the iconic dive on North High Street, drink the same artfully crafted mead at Brother’s Drake that up and coming electronic music producers do as they facilitate the birth of the EDM scene in Columbus.

The dancing youth of Momentum admire the same art at gallery hop as do the established actors at Shadowbox Live.

Being a Creativity Coach in Columbus, Ohio feels like being a G in a C major triad… a perfect, harmonious fit!

Are you feeling inspired by the wonderful creativity surrounding you in Columbus, yet somehow feel that the magic is just out of your reach?

Are you not sure what you are meant to create?

I am your Creativity Coach!

I would love to remind you that you ARE creative, and that you are ALWAYS plugged in to your Creative Self…. you just need a little help in beefing up your bandwidth so you can handle the downloads ūüėČ

Ready to feel inspired from head to toe? Let me know!