When we feel afraid of getting sick, we may seek to “boost” our immune system, when that may not be the best way to stay well.

Seeking to BALANCE the immune system in a state of perfect order will help you maintain wellness without artificially pushing your immune system toward one state or action.

This binaural beats meditation features affirmations designed to call your own natural immune system into perfect order, and help dissolve any subconscious resistance to optimal immunity.

I created this meditation many years ago when I was working as a holistic health coach. It accompanied an ebook with tips on inexpensive and effective ways to optimize immune function.

The Golden Immunity package served me well over the years, and I now share it for free with everyone because I feel that this time in our story calls for cooperation and the sharing of resources and knowledge.

The deep state of relaxation this meditation induces helps to support your natural immunity, to resolve fears, and to relieve stress that is often at the root of the breakdown in our system that allows the development of disease.

Please listen with stereo headphones to get the full benefit of the binaural beats.

Be well <3