I Inspire


I am an artist, and I am a muse.

I inspire people to tap into their own creative power and bring forth vibrant, authentic creations.

Naturally, I work with artists and creatives, but I also work with:

  • Wise entrepreneurs
  • Innovators and inventors
  • Professionals in the medical field
  • People who have lost their sense of joy and fun in life
  • Children!



Through my work, I help people release blocks and move past fears and old subconscious programming to step into being more of who they really are.

Whether you want to find your voice after being silenced through abuse or trauma, open your throat chakra to become a more authentic and inspiring speaker, or simply learn to listen to and trust your own intuition, I am your Multi-Dimensional Muse!

Over the years, many people have commented that one phone conversation or a simple cup of coffee with me lifted them out of a rut, or inspired them to move to a new level in their artistry.


If you are ready for goose-bump-inducing inspiration, contact me for your free consultation!