I Play

I come from a long line of naturally gifted musicians, and I was introduced to the piano at a very young age. I was fascinated by how my father would sit down and play perfectly along with the theme to the TV show Taxi on our Rhodes electric piano in the living room. I wanted to learn to play like that!

In time, I began studying the flute as well as piano, and came to play other instruments as well.

I Play in Multiple Dimensions

I acknowledge, accept, and celebrate the fact that there is more to life than the flesh-and-bone, brick-and-mortar realm we interact with on a daily basis.

The energy that animates this dimension of “ordinary” reality animates many others, and I work intentionally with the seemingly mystical energies that come to us from outside this ordinary world.

To me, the finest and most complete definition of art is “a surrendering to and expression of that which is beyond this world.”

I play in multiple dimensions of reality, and through multiple mediums and aspects of creativity. I move fluidly from one stream of consciousness to the next, and never question where I am being led. I trust that each twist and turn I am asked to perform is part of a dance that allows art to be born, through me and through my clients.

As we reconnect with our creativity and our ability to play, we experience the natural joy that is available to us no matter what our life circumstances. As we tap into our innate generative capacity, we can innovate, expand, and inspire, enlivening ourselves, our businesses and everyone around us.

How I Can Help You

Are you ready to lighten up, brighten up, and experience the power of inter-dimensional play?

If you want to remember how to play and open up to your own intuition, magic, and creativity, contact me now for your free consultation!

“I believe we are the playground and the playmates that allow the Universe to have fun! If you refuse to play, why would the great power of All That Is choose to come through you?

                                                                                                                                                                                                  -Carisa Holmes


Carisa is well versed as a writer and thought provocateur! I would most assuredly recommend her to those of you seeking an authentic and spirited coach, great listener, and also a result oriented professional.

Carisa’s services are intuitive and personal. She makes a big difference in a small amount of time, I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family if they were feeling stuck in their creative projects!

Carisa, is that rare professional that has a work ethic that always exceeds your expectation. She is a most talented creative perfectionist that is quite the joy to work with.

If there’s any person I know who is dedicated to health and wellness across all scopes of life, it is this lady. She knows and she shares for the benefit of others. She’ll coach you well.

Carisa is one of the most multi-talented human beings I have ever met – she can write bar none, she is an accomplished musician and singer, and she facilitates deep transformation within others through her healing and artistic work.

I would recommend Carisa to anyone who would want to expand their creativity. She will work hard to give you what you need to do so in all facets of creativity – music, art, writing, speaking, and much more.

I highly recommend Carisa as a wellness coach, a creative arts or healing group facilitator, as a professional writer and a one-to-one soul healer.

After our Reiki session, I feel much better physically. I had a nagging muscular problem in my levator scapulae that I could not make go away and it’s now gone! Thank you so much!

Carisa is a talented and gifted performer. I have always enjoyed working with her and recommend contacting her if you are so inclined to pursue your creative interests.

Carisa has a strong intuition and a gentle touch, super professional and comfortable to be around. To see her perform her music is mesmerizing and inspiring.

I’ve had some of the most profound healing experiences while on the table with Carisa. I have witnessed others whom have worked with Carisa, children and adults, and it’s been amazing to see their transformation.

Carisa Holmes has a beautiful gift of creating soulful music and lyrics that touch peoples souls. She provided workshops at our health and wellness center. Everyone loved it and can’t wait to have her back.”

I have known Carisa for over 10 years her energy in her healing work is straight from the heart.

Not only do Carisa’s methods work, it is empowering to gain an understanding of the fundamentals of how our bodies work. It’s amazing how little most people know about these things including those in the medical profession. Why treat the symptoms when you can find the root of the problem and build from there?

I’ve been working with Carisa Holmes for more than two years now. She has opened many doors for me to explore myself and my creativity. From songwriting to music theory and using my voice, to allow me to tap into my creativity without inhibition, and giving me more confidence in what I want to achieve as a musician.