Many of us spend long hours at a computer or other workstation for our creative work or play. What we don’t realize is that the mental state and physical posture we tend to assume at the computer can actually hinder our creativity.

Sitting in a slumped position with the neck extended and curved downward (looking at the keyboard)… hands turned over and curved almost into the shape of claws… eyes squinting at the screen… Sounds super comfortable, right? This is a posture that tends to cause pain, stiffness and a closing off of our bodies to incoming energy. It’s not the best way to channel creativity!

In addition, our mind state can become hyper-focused and closed off as we work on our computers. While a focused mind state is a critical part of the creative process, or any task, if we get STUCK in the focused stage, we can forget to open up into a more expansive, receptive mind state… one that allows ideas and creative inspiration to flow to us.

After all, ideas are not generated within the brain; ideas are channeled through the brain from our Creative Self. They come to us and flow through us, rather than us “thinking them up.”

Thankfully, there is a really easy and pleasant way to keep ourselves balanced between a focused, task oriented posture and a more diffuse, receptive posture, and it’s demonstrated in this short video.



Simply sit up and return your neck to a normal position. Close your eyes, and upturn both of your hands next to your computer or other device. Take gentle breaths, extending your exhale a little longer than your inhale, for about 2-3 minutes. Go longer if it feels great!

You will find yourself feeling freer, less anxious and tense, and more creative. If you were stuck in overthinking, this quick reset allows you to take a step back and act from your intuition and guidance, rather than your head. If you were feeling blocked, you may find yourself smiling and relaxing, and clearly seeing the next step in your process.

Happy creating!



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