What is Creative Conscious Living?

I have spent my life creating and exploring, healing and becoming. An intensely curious observer of human behavior since childhood, my fascination with psychology, spirituality, art, biology, and the inner workings of humanity has inspired me to walk a path of both deep discovery and tremendous personal challenge.

The many shifts in my career path have allowed me to witness the human evolutionary process as both healer and artist, and have inspired me to share with others and offer guidance along the way.

Through my adventures, I have come to a way of moving through life that is intentional and creative; founded in freedom and steeped in compassion. I call this way Creative Conscious Living.

This way of living ties together philosophies and methodologies from many realms of healing and spirituality, including holistic health, Science of Mind, the Law of Attraction, Hermetic Magick, natural and organic land stewardship, and the creative and performing arts.

While none of these teachings are new, easy methods for practical application of these teachings is where I feel compelled to contribute.

I build the bridge between the esoteric and the practical, the creative and the rational, the metaphysical and the physical, so that everyone can walk in wholeness.

Pulling together wisdom from these seeming disparate realms, compiling and distilling it into digestible bites, and sharing it with you is my life’s work and greatest joy.

In the practical application of Creative Conscious Living, we find the fulcrum between being “Love and Lighters” who deny their true emotions and avoid their shadow work, and being “Navel Gazers” who focus so hard on trying to heal an issue that they energetically recreate it and deny themselves the joy of being alive.

Here, we find artful ways to navigate and honor our humanity while allowing more and more of our Spirit to shine through us and govern our steps.

Here, we find ways to protect the environment as we advance and learn to live better lives.

Here, we find harmony.

The Symbol of Creative Conscious Living

The talented artist Logan Walden and I co-created this symbol as a visual representation of the Three Stages of Conscious Creation that are integral to Creative Conscious Living: awareness, intention, and aligned action.

In exploring or expanding any area of our life or consciousness, we can use the Three Stages of Conscious Creation to carry out our lives with intention, creativity, and compassion.

The Symbol is comprised of three primary shapes:

  • Circle (representing awareness; presence, the quality of being you embody before doing, feeling, receptivity, feminine energy)

  • Triangle (representing Intention; spark of inspiration, initiation of action, masculine energy)

  • Hexagon (representing Aligned Action toward health, sustainability, ecology, creativity, personal growth & evolution. Aiming your doing in the direction of specific goals that will improve your life as well as all Life, neutral/integrated gender)

Black Circle of Awareness & Presence

Represents: Feminine energy, Waiting, Sensing, Asking, Receiving, Feeling. Birth into awareness. Embracing mystery, magic. The quality of waiting for alignment and guidance before acting.

This space is about resting in good feelings, being “in the vortex,” and productive stillness. Here we exercise patience to listen for intuition, cultivating the ability to pay attention and become aware of unhelpful patterns, or noticing what needs to be done for greater Life to move through all in harmony.

Questions to explore:

  • Who am I?
  • Who is the one listening to my thoughts?
  • What feels really good right now?
  • What am I noticing right now?
  • What wants to come through me for the good of all?

Blue Triangle of Intention

Represents: Masculine energy, Inspiring and Initiating, Spark of inspiration will light fire of action, Acting consciously and proactively with intention, rather than reactively with tension. Initiation of movement. Intention and purpose govern action.

If your doing is not in alignment with your being – with the tone you set with your presence and intention – you could be out of alignment, spinning your wheels and burning your energy with busy work that is not in alignment with your truest desires.

Here we emerge from the black circle of awareness to initiate action by lighting the fire and aiming our energy through intention.

Questions to explore:

  • What wants to come through me for the good of all?
  • What feels inspiring right now?
  • What do I really want?
  • What am I fired up about?
  • What am I ready to do?

Golden Hexagon of Aligned Action

Represents: Neutral or Integrated Gender energy. Acting, Directing and Refining, Discipline and Practice.

Here we create helpful habits and programming that point us toward success in any endeavor. We take the awareness of the sphere and the energy and momentum of the triangle and focus them into specific areas of life. The Six Points of the Hexagon represent:

Questions to explore:

  • What am I fired up about right now?
  • What is my intention?
  • What do I feel most inspired to do right now?
  • What action can I take right now toward my goal?
  • What area of my life is most ripe for growth at this time?

The Six Points of the Hexagon Represent:

Wellness – My body is the vessel of my spirit

Here we learn about and increase the health and vitality of the body, and adopt healthy diet and exercise habits. Self love, self care, and wellness of body-mind-spirit.

Questions to explore:

  • What is my body trying to communicate to me?
  • Am I treating my body like a partner and a friend?
  • Does my diet and self care routine reflect the respect I feel for my physical vehicle?

Sustainability – Reduce, reuse, recycle, respect

We learn about and develop sustainable ways of using our energy, time, and resources. We monitor personal energy usage, and encouraging recycling and sustainable gardening and agriculture. We review our work/life balance and buying habits, focusing on self reliance and releasing material obsession.

Questions to explore:

  • Am I treating the body of the Earth as a living being worthy of respect?

  • Am I working too much and doing so much that I’m forgetting to enjoy life?

  • Am I wasteful, or am I consuming more stuff than I really need?

Ecology – Gaia and I are one

Here we explore the five levels of organization in ecology; the organism, population, community, ecosystem, and biosphere. An ecosystem is all the living things in an area interacting with all of the parts of the environment, and we review here our relationship to our ecological and societal community.

Questions to explore:

  • Am I a contributing member of a local community?
  • Do my actions reflect my position as a global citizen influencing future generations?
  • Do I think of nature as something separate from me, or as a part of me?

Creativity – I am art!

Here we learn to intentionally tap into our Higher Mind/Creative Self and universal consciousness for ideas, guidance and innovation. Honoring, creating and experiencing art and music.

Questions to explore:

  • Am I honoring the arts as a critical part of our economy, well-being, and evolution?
  • Am I tapping into my own creativity and guidance in daily life?
  • Am I expressing myself authentically and fully, or could I open to more?

Personal Growth – Be here, be clear

Here we dive into the process of expanding and deepening as an individual expression of the One. Moving past old trauma imprints, unhelpful programming and conditioning from childhood and habits that do not serve our highest good. Shadow work and self love. This process is carried out with an increasing love, acceptance and appreciation for oneself and for others.

Questions to explore:

  • Am I owning my “stuff” and working through it?
  • Am I living life with the victim mentality, or taking responsibility for my results?
  • Do I love and accept myself as I am and as I grow?

Evolution – Together we Expand

Here we consciously enter the process of contributing to the advancement and development of humanity as a species. We contribute to the elevation and expansion of human consciousness toward compassion, harmony with the earth, and prosperity for all.

Questions to explore:

  • How can I contribute to humanity?
  • Am I always seeking to get what I want, or am I seeking ways to be of service as well?
  • In what ways am I contributing to the expansion of compassion and human consciousness?

The Invitation

I invite you to use the Symbol of Creative Conscious Living as a guide for your movements in the world. Before taking action, drop into the sphere and find your alignment. Discover what is most inspiring to you right now, and then take that energy of aligned inspiration from the triangle and aim it in one of the directions that the hexagon outlines.

This way of aligning before moving will help you tap into your intuition, be more conscious and self-aware, and increase your levels of compassion, satisfaction, and enjoyment of life.

You have all that you need within you, and this approach will help you to continually re-discover your own depth and wisdom and radiate it more authentically into the world.

We need you in all your magnificence, turn up to full power and shine!