Many people – including me – use yoga as a tool to deal with anger.

I invite you to try it, too, but NOT just in the conventional, quiet, peaceful-looking way.

The next time you feel angry, go to your yoga mat, roll it up into a tube, and use it to beat the floor, a couch, a sturdy table, whatever, really hard.

Also, use your voice to move the energy. Growl, scream, grunt, curse, whatever feels right.

Hit as hard as you need to and be as loud as necessary to invite your precious, beautiful anger to rise and be acknowledged and expressed – appreciated even – and then continue using movement and sound until the feeling is transmuted within your field.

Notice I said transmuted. Not released, not thrown away, not suppressed, deleted, or temporarily locked back up in the closet of shame.

Your anger is energy that is yours and is meant to be reclaimed after the alchemical process of transmutation takes place.

Why would you reject and throw away any part of yourself? You are precious!

Once you feel transmutation is complete, unroll your mat for a savasana pose, and notice how different it feels from the ones you take at the end of a typical yoga class.

I love all of me. <3

I invite you to welcome and love all of you, too. <3