Creativity Coaching

Are you or your institution, corporation, or organization ready for major innovation and a big breath of fresh air?

I am your muse!

My Creativity Coaching services bring the power and magic of creativity to all people; even those who do not identify as artists.

If you feel that you or members of your staff would benefit from one of the packages listed below, please contact me for guidance on choosing the most effective program for your needs.

I will design a custom corporate package for your business or organization if you would like to share the power of creativity with more than one staff member.

Major Transformation Package

6 months of personal coaching
Weekly personal sessions (60 minutes)
Weekly phone check-ins (up to 30 minutes)
Unlimited email support for the duration of program and 30 days after program conclusion

Recommended for you if:

  • You are ready for a major transformation, innovation, and a less rigid way of operating
  • You know that you need ongoing guidance and support from a qualified coach
  • You are tired of dabbling with less-comprehensive coaching programs
  • You want to be able to hear and trust your intuition
  • Creativity seems to elude you, but you know it’s critical to your joy and success
  • You want to cultivate clear and open communication with your Creative Self
  • You are working with stubborn writer’s block or other creative blocks that are impacting your career
  • You want a major breakthrough in your creative work
  • You have a significant amount of anxiety, adverse childhood experiences, or trauma negatively impacting your ability to create

If you are ready for a Major Transformation, contact me today for your free consultation!

FireStarter Package

6 Weeks of personal coaching
6 personal sessions (60 minutes)
Weekly phone check-ins (up to 30 minutes)
Unlimited email support for 60 days

Recommended for you if:

  • You are ready to move to the next level in your creative work
  • You think you’re “not creative”, but sense it’s something you need to embody
  • You have repressed or taken leave of honoring creativity as a critical part of success
  • You are feeling dull, stuck or stagnant in your craft – or your life
  • You are able to start but not finish your projects
  • You can’t seem to find inspiration or motivation to create
  • You want to learn some tools and techniques you can use to expand your creative capacity
  • You are an aspiring artist and have had significant difficulty in starting or sharing your work

If you are ready for a FireStarter, contact me for your free consultation!

Initiation Package

3 weeks of personal coaching
3 personal sessions (60 minutes)
Unlimited email support for 30 days

Recommended for you if:

  • You are experiencing anxiety about committing to big coaching packages
  • You want to feel freer in and have less resistance to your creative process
  • You want to feel refreshed, inspired and ready for a new creative direction
  • You want to shed light on and begin to deconstruct some of your unhelpful patterns and habits
  • You are an aspiring artist, songwriter, author, or other creative and need the confidence and guidance to begin

If you are ready for your Initiation, contact me now for your free consultation!

Single Sessions

1 hour personal session with me
Phone sessions available upon request

I primarily recommend single sessions as refreshers for my package clients.

However, I do offer energy work and sound therapy in single sessions if you:

  • Want a tune-up and a chance to relax, refresh and reset yourself
  • Are an artist or creative who has never experienced energy work and you are curious about the benefits
  • Feel drawn to me as an energy practitioner of a particular modality, or have worked with me in the past
  • Received your Reiki atonement from me and would like a session or refresher

If you would like to book a single session with me, please contact me to schedule your appointment!