What Clients Say

I am deeply humbled and truly grateful to be doing this work, and so moved by the feedback I receive about how lives are changing and expanding as a result of my services.

I appreciate your feedback; you inspire me!

“Carisa Holmes has a beautiful gift of creating soulful music and lyrics that touch peoples souls. She provided a few workshops at our health and wellness center. Everyone loved it and can’t wait to have her back.”

– Ami Peacock, MSW, LISW-S, Manager, Healthy Living Center Mount Carmel Health Systems

“Had an amazingly healing session with Carisa Holmes this weekend. We did EFT (which prior to this session I didn’t think worked for me) as well as a deep, deep Elemental Meditation.

There were tears, a much needed release, as well as a recognition of some spots in my life I was holding resistance and not allowing to flow. She is the real deal.

I highly recommend working with her if you want to experience a shift in your energy.”

– Jeana Brown

“Carisa wrote my story in such a clear and compelling way that I got one of the top attorneys in Florida to take my case, a case type that they normally turn down.

She has also helped me write proposals for employment contracts, revisions of agreements, and other content over the years that has helped me land better jobs, resolve major conflicts, and more. Thank you!”

– Gary Richmond

“I’ve been working with Carisa Holmes for more than two years now. She has opened many doors for me to explore about myself and my creativity.

From songwriting to music theory and using my voice to allowing me to tap into my creativity without inhibition, and giving me more confidence in what I want to achieve as a musician.

I’ve attended a number of her events like her Toning Circle classes where I was able to be comfortable using my voice in any way I wanted, creating a unique convergence of sounds with the other attendees. These classes gave me a safe opportunity to explore and express my emotion without judgement and a chance to heal.

Along with the guidance with music Carisa has helped me become aware of my body and what I need to be of good health, helping me make better choices with foods, understanding deficiencies of vitamins and minerals and how to recognize them.

I have also received work like Reiki and Polarity therapy from her. I’ve had some of the most profound healing experiences while on the table with Carisa.

I have witnessed others whom have worked with Carisa, children and adults, and it’s been amazing to see their transformation. I’ve seen Carisa nurturing the creativity in a young girl soon to be pop star and helping a shy adult become comfortable speaking in front of others.

She has a strong intuition and a gentle touch, super professional and comfortable to be around. To see her perform her music is mesmerizing and inspiring.

I would recommend Carisa to anyone who would want to expand their creativity. She will work hard to give you what you need to do so in all facets of creativity, music, art, writing, speaking and much more.”

– Joel Whittaker

“I have known Carisa for over 10 years her energy in her healing work is straight from the heart.”

– Edward Beyer, Owner at SacredCoreIntegration

“I want to HIGHLY recommend Carisa Holmes!!!! I got a free consult today that . BLEW . ME . AWAY !!! !!!
I am sooooo grateful that our paths crossed and I found her and i am soo Grateful for her Amazing healing skills and expertise and genius!!! I am Soo looking forward to working with her more!!!! THANKS Carisa!”

– Teri Simonds Snyder

“If there’s any person I know who is dedicated to health and wellness across all scopes of life, it is this lady. She knows and she shares for the benefit of others. She’ll coach you well :)”

Dr. Keith Newton, Executive Leader, and ally in Digital Accessibility Compliance, Remediation, Training, and Program Management

“Carisa is one of the most multi-talented human beings I have ever met – she can write bar none, she is an accomplished musician and singer, and she facilitates deep transformation within others through her healing and artistic work.

She’s in her element in this type of highly creative space; space where she can share her wisdom, passion, and talents with either an individual or a group. It’s an effortless thing for Carisa.

I appreciate Carisa’s integrity, honesty, humor and willingness to pursue her own evolution through the fantastic work she does with others.

I highly recommend Carisa as a wellness coach, creative arts or healing group facilitator, as a professional writer and a one-to-one soul healer.”

Jill Nielsen-Farrell, Owner at MoonPenny Consulting and Wenatchee Community Acupuncture

“Carisa is a talented and gifted performer. I have always enjoyed working with her and recommend contacting her if you are so inclined to pursue your creative interests.”

– Christopher Salomone, Principle Broker at Salomone Real Estate

“Carisa is absolutely amazing! My life has become so much better and I have greatly benefited from the Reiki, EFT, Finding Your Voice Workshop, and just listening to her voice. Carisa has a calm, warm, and inviting spirit. She is extremely knowledgeable in all of the areas she practices.

After my Reiki sessions with Carisa I always feel a sense of peace. I feel as though she cut away the baggage, tension or stress that was plaguing me. She is always able to determine where the problem areas are without me telling her any of my complaints. I get off of her table feeling lighter and tranquil.

During my EFT session with Carisa, she was able to put into words what I was not able to express. She give voice to my emotions and feelings, something that I had not been able to do for myself. These words began a great healing process and they closed doors that had been open for way too long.

Her Finding Your Voice Workshop was powerful. The information and exercises made me take an honest look at myself to find my purpose, recognize what is holding me back, and how to trust my intuition. I walked out of that workshop with tools and words of wisdom that helped me grow and develop.

During meditations and her Healing Harmony Circle, Carisa’s voice is serene and gently guides the listener.

During performance, Carisa’s voice takes on a power that commands you to move and dance.”

– Karen Bradford, Bradford Creative Media

“Carisa is that rare professional that has a work ethic that always exceeds your expectation. She is a most talented creative perfectionist that is quite the joy to work with. Her abilities are vast.

Carisa is well versed as a writer, editor, and thought provocateur! I would most assuredly recommend her to those of you seeking an authentic and spirited coach, great listener, and also a result oriented professional.”

– C. Sunny Martin, Award Winning Publisher and Entrepreneur

“Carisa’s services are intuitive and personal. She makes a big difference in a small amount of time, I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family if they were feeling stuck in their creative projects!”

– Anne Gadd, Lead Vocalist of the Imber Solis Band

“After our Reiki session, I feel much better physically. I had nagging muscular problem in my levator scapulae that I could not make go away and it’s now now gone! Thank you so much!”

– Tim Roessler, LMT

“I had the great fortune to come across Carisa’s contact info after an engaging discussion with someone she had previously worked with. I had just about given up on trying to get my health back on track. I had completely exhausted the benefits of traditional medicine without any improvement. After numerous tests, procedures, and courses of medication, I decided to seek out a more natural and holistic approach.

Carisa was amazing. She listened to my long story, rolled up her sleeves, and dug in. She was able to quickly identify some areas that could be immediately improved. She provided all levels of support and suggested different things for my different issues. As I waded through the process of learning these new diets and treatments, she was always there to guide and support me.

The results speak for themselves. Within 3 months I had lost 30 pounds without a restrictive diet or intensive workout regimine. Within a month I was feeling immensely better in terms of overall health. I have been able to maintain my health and ideal weight without any discomfort.

As I have been growing through this process, her coaching has grown with me. I can bounce things off of her and she gets back to me with helpful and insightful suggestions. These always point me in directions that broaden my perspective and improve my overall health, mental as well as physical.

I was having issues with stress, grinding teeth, TMJ, IBS, acid reflux, chronic sinus problems, food allergies, feeling tired/general sluggishness, and many other things that plague the lives of many people. Sometimes they don’t even realize they are suffering because they just get used to it. I know this was true for me and for many people I have talked to about it.

Not only do Carisa’s methods work, it is empowering to gain an understanding of the fundamentals of how our bodies work. It’s amazing how little most people know about these things including those in the medical profession. Why treat the symptoms when you can find the root of the problem and build from there?

I would highly recommend Carisa Holmes to anyone regardless of their impression of their overall health. There is always something that can be improved. The results are well worth the meager effort required.”

Zack F., long-term coaching client