Like a human being, music is so much more than its physical attributes.

In its written form, it is linear – spatially oriented and metered in time, formatted for reading on pages we can see, touch and turn. And yet, the mystical appeal and true essence of music are far beyond this physical form.

The magical and transformational nature of music cannot be captured on paper.

The power of music is a non-linear, multi-dimensional energy that is expressed through the vessel of the artist. When an artist interprets the markings in space on the sheet music, and plays or sings the notes in a particular order in time, yes, they are reading the linear body of the music. But, most importantly, they are tuning in with the etheric aspects of the music – the non-linear, multi-dimensional aspects – and allowing the soul of the music to breath through their vessel.

Musical notation is merely a coded language, the “key” that opens the dimensional doorway to the true body of music.

The power of lyrics is not in letters strung together on a page. The potency of a requiem is not in dynamic markings on staff paper. The power lies in the energy and emotion that resonates with the receiver when the doorway is opened, the true body of music is revealed, and the receiver recognizes a piece of their own soul in the symphony.

And, perhaps the most beautiful part is that each person will interpret and experience the multi-dimensional concepts relayed by words and musical sounds in their own unique way.

Each song becomes a kaleidoscope viewed through countless eyes, shifting in and through hearts innumerable.

Music may be the most potent medicine and a transformative tool that humankind can access. It has been a part of our expansion and evolution since we started banging sticks together in caves, and I am certain it will be right there with us, echoing each vibration as we expand and evolve.

Let us remember that we, like music, are more than physical bodies. Our physical bodies are the transceiver-keys that open the doorway so that we may experience our full, multi-dimensional selves. Let us sing and dance and arise!



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