We are often encouraged to love one another, to love ourselves, and to understand that the very ground of being is love.

But, the English word “love” is loaded.

It is rife with multiple meanings and is tossed about in the vernacular like a half-deflated soccer ball.

Simply put, it can be difficult to understand – let alone feel and embody – unconditional love.

Kindness, however, is simple and accessible. It is easier to understand, easier to practice, and has a more singular meaning.

When we do not feel loving toward one another, or perhaps do not even understand what that means, we can always be KIND. 

We can all find a way to be kind to one another and ourselves, even if only in small ways. And, as we walk this path of kindness, we may find our hearts slowly opening to love.

I wrote this piece, The Kindness Song, to encourage myself and everyone to practice kindness each day. I hope you find that it helps you tune in <3