So, what do we do now?

Yes, Australia is burning. Yes, the person at the helm of our country has bombed Iraq and killed one of the most powerful Iranian military commanders, quite possibly instigating WWIII.
The climate is in turmoil, our government cares nothing for representing the people and seeks only to control us and extract every dime of money and energy from us they can.
And, the list could go on and on, if I chose to continue describing the downward spiral of What Is.

But, I now choose to focus more of my energy on how to create What Is to Come.

The old world must die so that the new one may be born. It will not die quietly.
Now, I notice what is there, and then I shift to fully owning my place of responsibility in the picture.
What may I have done to contribute to it, and how can I shift?
How can I remove my support from that which I do not want, and give my support to what I do want?
And, if that gentle form of redirection ceases to be enough, how can I recognize when it is time for the next phase of the revolution?
I will share with you my plan, but not as some sideways effort to advise you on what to do with your life. The age of the guru is also passing away, and it is time for each of us to come to know the guru within.
I share this to help keep MYSELF on track, to keep my own thoughts from being scattered by emotional waves and to prevent my own actions from becoming reactive and random rather than coming from a place of centered intentionality.
And, if by sharing it helps you also craft and keep to your own plan, then I am glad.

Here are my intentions:

BE PEACE. Everything we do is colored by the energy with which we do it. I could attend a peace rally with anger and fear in my heart and I would end up spreading the antithesis of peace. I could stand on stage in a bar and sing a pop song with peace and compassion in my heart and act as a vehicle of peace. I intend to be peace and remain centered in grace.
MAKE ART, MUSIC, AND SPACE FOR DANCE. When I am in the creative flow, I am aligned with Source and multi-dimensional energy that can shift everything in a moment. I am peace, I am joyful, and I am able to bless those who are experiencing my art with positive energy. Hard times call for furious dancing.
SPIRITUAL PRACTICE ON POINT. Pretty hard to be the peace when unresolved trauma, fragmented pieces of the self and other shit keeps tapping you on the shoulder. I am committed to my own growth as a human being, to self care, and to my spiritual practices, such as meditation, breaking unhelpful patterns, seeking out health/healing arts practitioners, and owning my shit.
KEEP MYSELF WELL. I am committed to my own health and wellness and to caring for my vessel. I am less reliant on constant intervention from conventional (or alternative) medicine and better able to show up and be present for my time as a human if I am well.
VOTE WITH MY DOLLARS. I not only withdraw my money and support from corporations and other entities that are destroying our ecosystem, exploiting vulnerable people and other shenanigans, but I also add my money and support to organizations and people who are helping to create a world that works for everyone. I support high-rated charities, donate to my spiritual home Center, and support local farmers and businesses.
CONTINUE TO ADVOCATE FOR THE OPPRESSED. I use my words and actions to advocate for human rights for all. I notice situations where I may be in a position of privilege, and I use that privilege to lift up others.
REDUCE MY RELIANCE ON BIG AG AND PROCESSED FOODS. I continue to learn about producing my own food, and use my knowledge to grow my own and help others do the same. I reduce my consumption of conventionally produced food that comes wrapped in plastic. This protects the environment from runoff from farms and animal husbandry and also reduces the risk of foodborne pathogens.
Additionally, eating more local food – that which has been grown under the sun in my local area and is solar-coded the same as my body is – means my body can make the most of the food I consume. It also helps me save money, ensures optimum freshness, and gives me food that I myself have cared for and fed, fostering a deeper connection with Gaia.

Perhaps most importantly, eating in this way reducing my dependency on a fragile and broken system that could collapse in a significant challenge.

REDUCE MY RELIANCE ON BIG OIL AND GRID ENERGY. This one is harder for me, as the tools/infrastructure needed to make it happen are out of my financial reach at this time. I already keep my driving to a minimum, capture rainwater for home and garden use, and keep the thermostat lower than I would like. I minimize my use of petroleum-based products, like plastic packaging and beauty products that contain petroleum-based ingredients. I’ve done an extensive amount of research on living off the grid, and as soon as it is possible, that is how I will be living. You can bet a vehicle that runs on something other than gas is in the works as well.
REDUCE MY RELIANCE ON THE SYSTEM IN GENERAL. Many humans have become so disconnected from their basic survival skills that they could not function if the shelves in the stores went empty. I move toward self-reliance and self-sufficiency not out of fear, but because I am magnetized by the wisdom of my ancestors before me. Their knowing, their skill in providing and living in abundant harmony with Gaia is in my Akash, my cellular memory, and I intend to honor and use that wisdom.
I hold a vision for a world where all people have access to fresh local food, healthy shelter, affordable green energy and transportation, and free healthcare. All people on this earth deserve clean water, clean air and access to nature areas AS THEIR BIRTHRIGHT.
All people deserve to be safe from harm and abuse and to have space to live their lives with dignity and autonomy.
I hold a vision for a government that serves, protects and fairly represents the people, rather than treating them as a commodity to be manipulated and exploited.
Is this an exhaustive list? Of course not. This is a construct for organizing thought and energy in a helpful direction. It is always open to redirection, revision, and expansion.
Is this list overly idealistic? I think not. A vision must be bright enough to light the path, and inspiring enough to magnetize us forward. The key is to appreciate each small step along the way. After all, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Featured Art: Process and Vision of Peace Accords by Mayan-Guatemalan artist Paula Nicho Cumez