What is wellness?

Ask this question, and most responses will describe various markers of good health, or at least, the absence of disease.

However, I feel that this kind of response misses the fullness of what wellness means for us.

Wellness is the central ground where we take responsibility for ourselves while letting go of control.


It is a state of surrendered accountability, and it can look very different from person to person.


In a state of wellness, we accept responsibility for ourselves, body, mind, spirit.


We are not in a victim role, playing the part of a hapless ship without a rudder tossed in a storm. Neither do we believe that health is something that just happens to us – or not- and we’re powerless to change it. We release blame and refrain from misplacing responsibility onto doctors, drugs, or procedures.

Conversely, in wellness we release the delusion that we have CONTROL.


We have tremendous influence over our health, but we never have full control of how our story unfolds. Like a captain sailing a ship through a storm, we have influence over the vessel, but no power over the sea, or any storms that arise.

Focusing on wellness is not about controlling anything, or shirking off responsibilities onto other people or things.  It’s about navigating humanity, and facing all that arises with presence, appreciation, and grace.

Wellness is surrendered accountability for your own life and well being. Let’s step into it together.