Let’s talk about your big but.

Now, I don’t know if you have a big booty or not, but I know you have a big but, the thing that you think is stopping you from creating and expanding in an inspiring way.

A big but looks something like this:

“I’ve always wanted to write a book about ______, BUT…”

“I really want to start recording songs again, BUT…”

“I have this dream of going to Greece to paint all the picturesque islands and towns, BUT…”

You may have some awareness of your “big but”, and that you need to get off of it, but what you also should know is that big but can be your friend, and can serve as a pivot point that will allow you to turn and see the parts of yourself and your Shadow that are stuck in fear and need some love and assistance from you to release your power so you can move forward.

Listen below for more on how you can befriend your big but!




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