The sound therapy meditation in the video below is being offered to you in exchange for a donation.

I know times are hard for many of us right now, myself included. I have experienced a total career meltdown and whole life reboot as a result of COVID-19 and 2020’s volatile energy.

And so, I want everyone to have access to this meditation to reap the benefits no matter what their financial situation.

However, I am also asking for your help.

I recently went through a huge life change and I am moving to a new apartment and starting over from scratch.

I need pretty much EVERYTHING, from furniture to towels and even art.

I have registered at Target for things I need, and I would appreciate it so much if you are able to help by purchasing an item from my housewarming registry. Just take your pick, and Target will take care of shipping it to me.

The link to my Target registry is here:

You can also send a cash donation through Venmo if you prefer to: @Carisa-Holmes

And, because I am a tither, 20% of the cash donations from this meditation go directly to Greater Columbus Arts Council’s COVID-19 Emergency Relief for Artists fund, which offers grants and other support to artists and musicians in central Ohio.

By donating in exchange for receiving this session, you will be directly supporting central Ohio musicians that have been impacted by COVID-19.

I thank you so much for your attention and generosity!