Some of you may have noticed the recent addition of gardening posts here on my blog, or the expansion of my Kenmore Park Garden Club group on Facebook. And, while gardening may seem a deviation from what I usually share about music and creativity, about how to become an artist and use your creative power to create a more fulfilling life, it really isn’t. In fact, it couldn’t be more in alignment.

It’s time to get real about conscious living.

We can’t continue watching the circus shit-show that our so-called leaders are creating as if we are spectators that can leave after the show and return to our safe and normal lives.

We all need to step into accountability for what we have-co-created on this Earth, and use the power of our thoughts and actions to shift this planet into a world that works for everyone.

I can see that world, one that is alive with creativity and compassion, one with a balanced ecosystem of which humans are a part.

I can feel this world surfacing, like a sprout just ready to break through the muck and dark of the soil and into the light. It is ripe, It has been waiting, and it needs us to nourish and protect it as it emerges.

I see us opening our eyes and moving away from being greedy consumers of our planet, extracting her resources to create products for the sake of profit and greed.

I see us learning how to live consciously, sustainably, above the influence of pathological capitalism and consumerism.

I see us remembering the healing power of the arts, and immersing ourselves in creativity as an act of trust, allowing our collective vision to magnetize us forward.

It’s time to take back our power from all the places we’ve given it away. It’s time to use creativity and its harmonizing and generative capacity for the good of all beings. It’s time for us to step into accountability, and to own our piece of this puzzle, and take responsibility for what we are co-creating.

And, we also need to remember that this process of taking responsibility doesn’t have to feel like burdensome drudgery with a side of shame and guilt.

It can be fun! It can bring joy. It can be gratifying and nourishing, and it can help us deepen our connection with Gaia and with other people.

And so, I believe it’s time for me to shift my offerings in response to what is going on with our world.

The American way of life is killing us, and I intend to live a different example that is life-affirming.

I do this because it is now time for each of us to find a creative way to use our gifts to uplift humanity. Right here, right now, without delay or hesitation.

Our gift is that thing or those things which make us come alive when we do it.

It doesn’t have to be monetized and turned into a product, and we don’t have to figure out exactly how our gift is bettering the world. It is enough to come alive, and move forward from that place of enlivenment rather than from a place of sleep or greed.

It is time for each of us to go within and reconnect, to grow a garden and walk barefoot on the ground and remember that we are human beings, a part of this ecosystem, not machines sent here to package, sell and consume its resources.

We are meant to be creative, not to have a new hobby to distract ourselves from our hollow lives, but to find a way to open to our Higher Self, the Life that courses through us and seeks to express through us in more genuine and natural ways.

The r-evolution begins within, and while love is the ground of our being, creativity is the process by which we transform.

Now, I will share with the world what I know about growing my own food and keeping a sustainable, low-cost garden. Growing your own food is a revolutionary act of self-reliance, and inspires people to move toward more sustainable lifestyles.

Franklinton Gardens, a non-profit urban farm in Columbus Ohio.

Right now, I will share what I know to inspire and inform so that people in food deserts can have enough to eat, families can grow some of their own safe, clean produce, and so that our children grow up more connected to the Earth and less reliant on the System.

I will now share freely what I learned in my many years as a holistic health coach so that people will know affordable ways to keep themselves healthy using the gifts of the Earth, rather than relying on health care they cannot afford.

And as always, I share my music through Tingari, Sanjati, and my solo works to inspire and uplift, and to open a portal to higher realms so that people may begin to expand their consciousness beyond the small, slumbering automaton they may have once been, to touch deeply places within they have feared to enter, and to once more realize the power of their own presence as a human on this evolving planet.

In short, I am choosing to evolve not only in my personal life but in my professional life as well. I am choosing to offer what the world is calling for, so that we all may benefit. I hope that my offerings will be well received.

Will you join me?

Will you allow your gift to make you come alive, so that you become a part of the creation of the new world?